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Undergraduate Courses

System Analysis

Website: http://eclass.di.uoa.gr/courses/D50/


System, sub-system and environment. Traditional techniques for systems development and their shortcomings. Contemporary techniques and methodologies for systems development. Problem analysis. Data collection techniques. Procedure-oriented systems development: Structured English, decision tables and trees, data analysis, entity-relationship model, system design principles, modules integration and coherence, structured diagram, data design and user interface design principles. Object-oriented systems development: UML principles, data modeling diagrams, system analysis diagrams, system design diagrams, system implementation diagrams. Case tools.

Postgraduate Courses

Business Process Management Technologies

Website: http://eclass.di.uoa.gr/courses/D226


Business Processes (BP) and their categories, BP Lifecycle, BP Models and their categories (activity-oriented, agent-oriented, goal-oriented, visual model-oriented, etc.), BP Reengineering (BPR) and methodologies (Davenport, Hammer & Champy, Jacobson, PADM, etc.), Comparison of BPR methodologies, BP Modeling Tools (offered functionality, supported models, etc.), BP Automation Technologies, e.g. Workflow Management Systems (WFMS), Web services, WS-BPEL, BP Interoperability, Research issues.

E-Commerce Technologies

Website: http://eclass.di.uoa.gr/courses/D198/


Electronic Commerce (E-Commerce) and E-Commerce Categories, E-Commerce Business Models, E-Commerce Processes and Transactions, Security and Cryptography, Intellectual Property Rights, E-Commerce Architectures and Platforms, Multi-agent Systems in E-Commerce, Workflow Systems and E-Commerce, Negotiation Protocols and Services, Intelligent Discovery Techniques, E-contracting and Billing Services, Integrated / Virtual Enterprises, Inter-organizational interoperation, Mobile E-Commerce: WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) Structure, Networks and Terminals, Location-based Services, Applications and User Interfaces, Legal Issues.