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Student Projects

Under-graduate projects

TitleStatusImplementation Team
Comparativee Study of Content Management Systems (CMS) in the Internet and ApplicationCompletedRene Tassy, Loucas Charalalmbous
Facility identification data types of XML languageCompletedMichael Xenakis
Develop an enforcement mechanism for Peer-to-Peer (P2P) service networks JXTACompletedA. Papaconstantinou
Design and implementation mechanism for storing descriptions of web servicesCompletedG. Kormaris
Search Web Services based on the Semantic DescriptionCompletedVasiliki Kalesaki
Development of concept distance metrics for the identification of similar ontology termsPendingKonstantinos Triantafyllou
Specification and Development of a heterogeneous service and service composition testbed with semantically annotated descriptionsCompletedTheodoros Kalogeropoulos
Design, implementation, and evaluation of an XML data handling systemPendingNassos Tatsios
Study of the resiliency of peer-to-peer reputation systems to reputation systems attacks and implementation of a simple reputation system for e-communities which integrates a confidence factor in reputation estimation.CompletedD. Tsapanidou
Modelling of an improved version of the e-Bay's reputation management systemCompletedAlexandros Panagopoulos
Simulation of P2P reputation management systems in QTMPendingDionysis Giotis
A Tool for Graph-based Business Process MatchmakingAvailable
Design Issues of Reputation Systems for Social Network-based ApplicationsPendingKonstantinos Chaloulakos
Indirect Reputation Systems for Social Network-based Applications-Combining Collaborative Filtering, Reputation and Social ActionsPendingYannis Kanellopoulos

Post-graduate projects

TitleStatusImplementation Team
Share semantically extensive information about Custom Business Process ExecutionCompletedPigi Kouki
Decentralized Business Process Execution in Peer-to-Peer SystemsCompletedJohn Pogas
Composition of geodetic electronic servicesCompletedGeorge Koumanakos
Simulation and evaluation of a reputation system for decentralized e-communitiesCompletedF. Anagnostou
Development of a backward searching algorithm for the dynamic composition of semantically annotated servicesAvailable
Transformation of BPEL processes to GraphsAvailable