George Athanasopoulos

Personal Information

Status: Phd Candidate

Research Area: Research in Adaptable Service Composition

Email: gathanas-at-di-.-uoa-.-gr

Personal Website: http://www.di.uoa.gr/~gathanas

Telephone: +30-210-7275246

Address: Office: A11 Buildings of Informatics, Panepistimiopolis, Ilisia, Athens 15784, Greece

Published Papers of George Athanasopoulos

Projects Participated:
Interoperability Research for Networked Enterprises Applications and Software (INTEROP)
Ensuring dependability of p2p applications at architectural level (P2P Architect)
Service-Oriented Development In a Unified fraMework (SODIUM)
Service Centric System Engineering (SeCSE)
Enviromental Services Infrastructure with ontologies (ENVISION)