Service-Oriented Development In a Unified fraMework (SODIUM)

Identifier: IST-FP6-004559

SODIUM addresses the need for standards-based integration of heterogeneous services. Such services include web services, p2p services, and grid services, which employ different/incompatible architectural models, protocols, and standards for service description, discovery and composition. Currently, there is a lack of infrastructure or tools available for facilitating the integration and interoperability of such services. SODIUM aims to bridge this gap by developing a collection of models, languages and open source corresponding middleware we refer to as Service-Oriented Development In a Unified fraMework.

Website: http://www.atc.gr/sodium

Members Involved: George Athanasopoulos,  Thomi Pilioura,  Aphrodite Tsalgatidou,  Michael Pantazoglou,  

Related Papers:
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